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What I'm Doing To Become A Better Software Engineer

July 01, 2020

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Author: Conner Jensen

I Will Do These Things To Become A Better Software Engineer.

In two years, I would love to get a job at a big tech company.

Not only do I want to work on interesting problems that effect millions of people, but I'd love to have a big companies name behind me. I don't come from a traditional computer science background, having gone to a coding bootcamp, so my resume would greatly benefit from having worked at a recognizable company.

Along with this I want to be surrounded by excellent engineers so I can learn from them and see how a company that has to deal with such massive scale handles problems.

I know there are some down sides to working for a big tech company, but I believe this early on in my career, it will be a great thing for me.

So, below are the things I'm going to do in order to become a better software engineer and land a job at a big tech company.

1. Practice Interview Questions.

I will use the book Cracking The Coding Interview as well as leetcode in order to improve my problem solving skills and practice the types of questions I will be faced with during interviews.

My plan is to do atleast one leetcode or Cracking The Coding Interview question per day, and 3 on the weekends. Doing this will keep my skills sharp and allow me to be ready for whatever challenges I may be thrown during an interview.

2. Improve My Resume.

I will rewrite my resume and get it professionally checked before submitting it to employers.

I will also work on a legitimate side project that I can link to from my resume that will demonstrate my proficiency in software engineering.

This will allow me to stand out from other candidates and get me interviews.

3. Attend Meetups and Other Networking Events.

Attending meetups and networking events is fun and I'm excited to do so. But it will also be beneficial to meet interesting people that work at the places I hope to someday work at. I can ask them questions about how they got jobs there and possibly get my foot in the door through one of my friends I meet at these meetsups.

4. Write On This Blog.

This blog can be my second resume showcasing my desire to learn new things. I will write posts about what I am learning and try to help others learn as well. Through doing this I will increase my understand as well as help out the community by providing learning resources.


Practicing interview questions, improving my resume, attending meetups, and writing on this blog are the main four things I am going to be doing over the next two years in order to become a better software engineer.

Let me know if there is something else I should be doing or share with me what you are doing to improve yourself over the next two years.

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