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My First Post

January 18, 2020

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Author: Conner Jensen

Hello. Welcome to my blog.

I will probably post mainly about programmining, specifically programming in golang. I will also probably post about what I've been reading, studying or trying to improve about myself.

Let's start off with what I've been reading.

What I've been reading

Awareness by Anthony de mello -- 7/10
This book was recommended by Tim Ferris. He stated that he has dozens of copies of it at his home and gives one out to everyone who visits.

It is about "waking up" and learning to see yourself for who you really are. Not identifying with your own desires and feelings, but instead accepting what is in the current moment and brining your awareness to it. This is stuff that has been restated thousands of times in hundreds of different books of a similar nature. I do believe that getting this idea to stick and implementing it in my life will provide benefits, so I continue to read books that stress the importance of awareness. It has many great "zen" stories that help convey the obsurdity of how we act on a daily basis, which helped me to further understand the benefit of awareness.

This books made me think differently, if only for a few seconds, and gave me a chance to think about my life from a different perspective, which helped me to see my everyday problems for what they are, a temporary illusion that I choose to identify with.

I would recommend this book, however I did not get the profound effects that Tim Ferris expressed after reading it. Maybe I need to give this book a second read at a different point in my life.

God's Debris by Scott Adams -- 9/10
I loved this book. It is about a package delivery man who delivers a package to an old man and ends up staying for days talking about the universe, probability, god, and the meaning of life.

One of the main premises of this book is that we, meaning all people, animals, rocks, etc. in the universe are made up of god's debris. The old man states that if there was a god he would only have one thing that he could not know and that would be what the universe would be like if he chose to destroy himself. Because this is the only meaningful thing for god to do, he does it and we are the debris of this god after his own destruction.

I find this idea fascinating and before reading this book I had not thought about and idea like this or anything similar to it. This book is described as a thought experiment and I enjoyed it for exactly that reason. I don't think it changed my view on god or the purpose of my life, but it was pleasing to think about this new explanation of the purpose and origin of our universe.

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